When receiving an invitation to go hiking, when it comes to the great outdoors, it’s an invitation to an adventure that can even transform your life in a most unexpected, and a good number of times, fantastic way.

So when you hear that invitation, whether from a buddy or from somewhere deep in you, consider following through. Hiking may very well turn out to be the greatest thing to happen to you as it will change your life (and probably your body’s shape too). Here’s 9 reasons for that:

You’ll Have Less Stress or Handle It Better, or Both

There’s nothing like a change of scene and fresh air to invigorate your soul and take you away from those stream of tasks that never seem to run out. Also, the fact that hiking keeps you minding the present (or else you’ll trip on a rock or undergrowth) helps you get away from worrying about yesterday or tomorrow and just focus on the here and now. You’ll find yourself getting into a more relaxing mode and feel the tension just dissipate with each step you make. What’s more, you’ll learn to carry this mindset over to other aspects of your life and learn to find that sweet spot and just relax.


You’ll Get Stronger, Fitter, Healthier

Where the aches initially were, new muscle have formed and helped define your body shape. You’ll find physical tasks easier to do than before and you don’t get as out of breath when you breeze through a flight of stairs or hike at your next destination. Soon enough, you’ll find you don’t get sick as easily too!

You’ll Meet Awesome People

This is one of the best things about hiking – you get to know the stories of other like-minded people and even learn from them. You also stand to make new friendships and possibly later having a circle of friends who can nurture your love for the outdoors and even let you in on more fantastic hiking opportunities! Specially at WeHike, making new friends in the mountains is made easy and enjoyable.

Friendship and hiking

You’ll Learn to Appreciate the Essentials

Traveling light is important in hiking, and you’ll learn that you actually can make do with far less than you think you need. Also, when you’re out in the wild for days, you’ll start to realize and experience the importance of the simplest things, like potable water and warm jackets. As such, you’ll find it easier to feel satisfied and content with what you already have – and your wallet and mind will thank you for that.

You’ll Appreciate the Beauty Nature Up Close and More

It’s different seeing certain foliage and animals with your own two eyes, compared to just admiring them in pictures. The awe that envelopes you as you admire nature’s beauty will also encourage you to do something for the environment.

frog seen in Ticino

You’ll Learn More about Yourself

There are specific situations that reveal the other parts of you that you never knew existed. Those “parts” may be good, and some of them you might not even like. Also, you may be surprised to know that you’re capable of more than you thought you could do – and that’s a fantastic revelation that can make you see the world and yourself in a new light.


You’ll Learn New Skills

Not just any skills but the ones you need for survival, for life. You’ll learn the kind of rope knots that will ensure your security when traversing a challenging part of your hiking route. You’ll learn how to adapt to the environment, make fire, set up camp, and rappel down a cliff or rock face on rather more challenging routes.

You’ll Rewire Your Brain – In a Good Way

A recent study discovered that “participants who went on a 90-minute walk through a natural environment reported lower levels of rumination and showed reduced neural activity in an area of the brain linked to risk for mental illness compared with those who walked through an urban environment.”

To put it simply, you’re less likely to have mental health issues when you’re more exposed to nature. You’ll also be likely to think more clearly and with perspective too.

You’ll Be Looking for More Mountains to Conquer

You’ll be less afraid of challenges and even relish taking on another one after you’ve done your first hike. Instead of running away from them, you’ll now find yourself looking for more terrains to conquer!

Admiring Finhaut



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