“I’m happy when I’m hiking, pack upon my back.

I’m happy when I’m hiking, off the beaten track.”

You may recognize this as a hiking song usually sung by young Scouts and may bring back certain memories of past outdoor experiences. And you may think that it’s one ditty that doesn’t really make you itch to go trekking. At least unlike the following playlist-worthy hiking anthems.

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

The start-stop rhythm and opening guitar riffs call to mind the kind of marching pace you take when you’re walking excitedly towards your destination out on the trail. That chorus about walking 500 miles is also very spot on where hiking is concerned, making this a very apt song for a day out tramping on the mountains.

“Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin

Recently, this song made headlines after a US judge said that the opening chords of the song seemed to be stolen from an earlier track by another band.

Whether it’s plagiarized or not, you’ll have to admit this laid-back song sends you on a nostalgic journey that gets you ruminating on the trail or on top of a summit. And may even get you imagining of a stairway to heaven from the peak you’re standing on.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

This classic, number one hit of a song needs no further explanation on why it made it to this list. For anyone passionate about hiking, no mountain indeed is high enough!

“Road Tripping ” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

“Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies

It’s time to leave this town

It’s time to steal away

Let’s go get lost..”

So goes this hypnotically tranquil acoustic song, which could very well be the modern-day equivalent of a Pied Piper’s tune beckoning all aspiring hikers who hears it to come along and get lost in the great outdoors.

“I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash

“I’ve been everywhere, man.

I’ve been everywhere, man.

Crossed the desert’s bare, man.

I’ve breathed the mountain air, man.

Of travel I’ve had my share, man.

I’ve been everywhere.”

So goes this song’s chorus, which could very well describe the experience of many experienced climbers and outdoor adventurers. And that’s precisely why this American musician’s rendition of Geoff Mack’s ditty is on this list.

“Rise” by Eddie Vedder

This made it onto the soundtrack of “Into the Wild,” a film based on Christopher McCandless’ journey across North America. The song underlines the protagonist’s grappling with the elements and his eventual survival through various mishaps, making it an inspiring anthem for those especially challenging stretches on your hike.

“Open Road” by Roo Panes

The light quality and upbeat rhythm of this song makes you want to go out a’whistling on a day hike with a ukulele and good vibes as companions. When the clapping comes, you feel like doing just that too!

“Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root

The steady thumping rhythm and tribal-like calls urge you to celebrate all that’s good in life and the world around you. The whistling adds to the joy so audible in this song you can feel it pushing you forward to go outdoors and trek. You admit you forget about the distance and the challenges ahead of the road when you have this track playing on repeat into your ear.

“Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves

Kimberley Rew, guitarist and songwriter of Katrina & the Waves, said that writing the song was “like walking out of my front door, seeing a comet and being inspired.” Do you feel the same way about this infectiously happy song? Whatever it is, it certainly puts a spring in your step and makes you go outside and just take on the world!

“You Will Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & the Pacemakers

Wind, rain, or intense heat can’t keep you from reaching the end of your climb, and this inspirational song pushes you on to. Some football fans will might have some special feelings around this song as well.

Bonus Track: “Here comes the sun” by George Harrison

If you ever go to a Weekend Hike with any “WeHiker“, you should know that we have a special song when the sun comes to rescue us from the rainy clouds shining and embracing us with his heat! “Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo”


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