Hiking up mountains, through thick forests, or across deserted plains takes you from point A to B and allows you to encounter new and interesting personalities that you probably won’t get to meet on your daily weekly grind. From these encounters, you learn a thing or two about humanity, and even be inspired by their stories – the kind that helps you get you through trying days.

Picture taken in Grindelwald

Kindred Souls

One of the best things about hiking is that you get to meet like-minded people who share the same interests as you. It’s not everyday that you find one where you live or work, so encountering one on a climb should be an awesome experience that will only enhance your passion and interest in hiking even more, and also earn you one more hiking buddy! What’s not to love about opportunities to meet such kindred spirits?

Fun and Fearless Characters

Hikers love the outdoors and embrace the spontaneous (sudden rain showers and thunderstorms, anyone?) aspect of nature. As such, they’re likely to be fun and fearless people. Their energy and joy tend to rub off on you and your spirits get that much-needed boost without even trying.

When you’re around these people, you feel as if you’re charging your batteries with their passion and joie de vivre. You only have to stand in their midst and you already feel your spirits and energy levels lifting. What’s even more amazing is that hanging out with them doesn’t cost a thing!

Plus, you’ll love the fact that you find yourself bringing some of that vibe back home with you (and hopefully rub it off others among your family or friends). You’ll also feel that regular exposure to such people will help you become one fun and fearless personality yourself, especially if you’re aiming to be one.


Wise and Experienced Veterans

No two hikers are alike in every trip, and some of the types of mountaineers you’ll meet on a hike are the veterans – the ones who have “been there and done that” and have many stories and tips to share.

Well, who are you to refuse such valuable information and insight? This is especially when some of what they share are life lessons that could very well apply to the urban jungle that is your reality, and is also so practical you’ll find them lifesaving in emergencies and other survival situations. You’ll definitely learn something helpful and new when you rub elbows with these veterans! As such, you’ll never regret getting into hiking and even have more reasons to really get into it.

Social Do-Gooders and Volunteers

Hiking may give you an opportunity to do some soul searching and personal reflection, but it is one activity that is far from selfish or apt for the “lone wolf.” That’s because the buddy system, among other things, is a must in survival situations, which is normal when you’re outdoors and in the wild. As such, you’re likely to meet people with a passion for helping.

Meeting people with a heart for volunteerism is always refreshing and gives you thought-provoking – and sometimes emotional – perspectives on life and living. You might even find yourself signing up for some noble endeavor after a hike in the company of these people and have a better sense of purpose as a result. You could say this is a great way of hitting two birds with a stone!


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