If you’ve been to Grindelwald, you’ll probably be able to guess what comes next – a written vignette detailing the alpine charms of Grindelwald, some of which may still beckon those who have been there even months or years after a lengthy visit. Memories of those rolling green landscapes, clear bodies of water, and idyllic atmosphere… And the steaming hot, delicious meals with a home-cooked feel you can enjoy while taking in the ridiculously beautiful view — you cannot be blamed for getting the Grindelwald bug after having been there.

Picture taken in Grindelwald

Swiss Gem

In the lush green hollow of the Bernese Oberland lies Grindelwald, which is framed by breathtaking mountainscapes that include the peaks of the Eiger, Faulhorn, Mönch, and Männlichen, among many others. Such a strategic location has made it the biggest ski destination in the Jungfrau area and is among the most famous of Switzerland’s holiday destinations.

Grindelwald is also known for its photogenic charm, as immortalized in films (007 installment “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” is one example) and in photographs. In fact, it was the pictures of the municipality’s stunning sceneries that caught the attention of international tourists and drew them in droves to the place. Fortunately, due to its expansive area and many outdoor activity options, the region can accommodate many without losing its rustic and serene appeal.

Beckoning Beauty

This picturesque spot in the Bernese Highlands is one that even non-hikers and non-skiers may enjoy. Even just standing on the Grindelwald First gondola station, one can already be awed at its majesty. Perhaps it may even inspire in some admirers a desire to traverse even some of its lush trails just to drink in its beauty more deeply. Almost like walking through clouds and touching the cottony vapor just to register the fact that the whole thing is real and is absolutely awesome. Such beauty beckons one to do more than just marvel at its wonders from a viewing deck or take hundreds of selfies with the looming, snow-capped mountains in the background.

Picture taken in Grindelwald

Heavenly Hikes

Since Grindelwald is a perfect starting point for hikes leading to various locations, not to mention it’s also part of the great Via Alpina, which is a web of 5 lengthy hiking trails passing through the alpine areas of 8 European countries, you cannot visit this village without striking out on one of its trails. Considering the fact that it has hikes that are so easy first timers (even those who are not really fit) and entire families can absolutely go on one, it’s pretty much a no-brainer activity once there.

On such a hike, you can get more views of the area and even the beautiful flora and some of the fauna (exhibit A: healthy Swiss cows). The walks can be idyllic, but if you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, there are routes you can take that can test your endurance and hiking skills. For instance, you can make Faulhorn your destination with Grindelwald as a jumping point (about 6 hours). It’s a popular route and will take you through peaks that reach 4,000 meters above sea level. It will also let you have a look at a mountain lake and a glacier, as well as more views of alpine meadows and mountainscapes straight out of European fairy tales.

You can also head to Männlichen in the Jungfrau from Grindelwald. This is a great choice if you’re especially keen to take photographs that resemble those you’ve seen of the area. At the highest point of the route, which you can reach on foot of via Holenstein’s cable car, you get a better and fantastic view of the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch. You’ll also be able to scope out the also famous Interlaken. Then you can go back down on cable car or on foot, if you want to challenge yourself some more.

Best Time to Go

Come high summer, Grindelwald becomes a veritable playground for adventure seekers. Its trails remain hikeable, however, even until September. Faulhorn as a destination ceases to be open to the public in October, though.

Have you gone to Grindelwald before? Share with us your experience!


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