Some like to travel solo for various reasons. However, they’re missing out on important and potentially life-changing experiences by going the distance alone. Sure, solo hikes have its share of poignant moments, but hiking in a group also produces memories that you will cherish for a lifetime and reveal valuable lessons that can make you a better hiker.

Your Hiking Knowledge Gets a Double Boost

Each hike brings you new lessons or learnings, whether about yourself or of the adventure that is exploring the rugged side of nature. When you hike with other people, you double your learnings because you also get to absorb the tips and information about hiking that they may share with you, on top of those you’ve already learned on your own. As such, you end up gaining more insights from a group trek than you would on a solo hike.

Further, you may even find your bucket list of hikes growing, thanks to the stories of other hikers. You may even learn of a better destination for hiking than what you’ve already had in mind and end up getting a better experience!

You Develop Bonds That Can Get You Through Tight Spots

Photo taken at the Aletsch

There is definitely more laughter and information exchange when you’re traveling in a group. Since you’re treading the same route at the same time, you pretty much share a similar experience, go through emotions and physical challenges that fall within the same spectrum, and also get in sync with each other’s hiking pace and skills. This shared experience make conversations easy and the hike more meaningful and enjoyable.

The rapport developed also is helpful when you get into rather difficult passages on the route and also when you start feeling emotionally challenged by the exertion. This bond you develop with the group can boost your inner resources and physical capacity in that you finish the journey in better shape emotionally and physically than you probably would after a solo trek.

As such, the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing a hike with other mountaineering enthusiasts cannot be compared and is really different from the one you get when you complete a hike on your own. Your joy and sense of accomplishment somehow comes in double, triple, or quadruple measures when you reach the end of the route with a group.

You’re Safer

Photo taken at Faulhorn

Let’s face this one, tried-and-tested fact – you’re infinitely safer when you have companions on the trail. And that’s not because there’s someone who can help you right away in case you get into trouble during the trip. There’s also the fact that there are at least four or more eyes looking out for each other on the trek, helping you avoid mishaps instead of walking right into them.

Another benefit of this feeling of safety when hiking in a group is that you sense that feeling of adventure more fully and sharply as your energies are not as focused on the safety aspect. You may even be more open to adventure – for example, you may be more likely to pick a more challenging or longer route when you know you’re not going at it alone.

You Save on Costs

With a group, you break up a good number of the hike-related expenses into smaller portions, making the whole trip less costly than it would have been if you did a solo trek, where you and only you alone bear the brunt of all the costs involved. For example, your accommodation is likely to give a discount if there are many of you in a single booking. This is definitely a welcome advantage for those seeking budget-friendly adventures.

Have you tried a group hike before? Share your experience with us here!


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