How has 2017 been for you so far? Are you done lining up your hiking bucket list for this year? Here’s a suggestion worth considering:

Why don’t you make this year an even more fantastic one by taking a friend along with you and introducing him or her to the excitement of hiking?

Think of it as your way of promoting a love for nature and getting one more person to be passionate about the outdoors and physical challenges, if only to help him or her achieve a better quality of life and health. The benefits of hiking are too good to keep to yourself – you gotta spread the good news and get more people hooked into such a wonderful endeavor!

Photo taken at La Berarde to Pilatte

There are many advantages to getting a friend or two (or more) into hiking. One is that you won’t have much problems finding buddies to hike with. Another is that the experience becomes more fun and memorable as you are sharing it with people you actually know or even work with. You can extend the afterglow of a hike through these people as you can keep talking or reminiscing about the event even days after it ended. Further, you’ll be sure to more (or even better) photos of the hike thanks to your friend’s snaps.

Talk About It

The starting point of getting a friend (or more) to catch the hiking bug is awareness, of course. And what a better way to make that happen by talking about it? Talk about what happened on your last trek and let your enthusiasm show. Mention also the good things that you got out of the experience, even from the boo boos you’ve made during the trip. Make it a point to include your hike updates in your conversations with your friends as a way to hammer your intention down.

Also, it’s good to name drop famous personalities (especially those who your friends admire) and mutual friends who are also into outdoor adventures. This is a clever way to spark that fear of missing out (FOMO) in their consciousness, leading to them seriously considering hiking and even taking you up on your invitation, which we will talk more about later.

Whip Out the Pictures

A picture can paint a thousand words… And entice people to get to the place shown in the photograph. As such, you should include photographic evidence of your adventures in your discussions with friends to get them into hiking. The more pictures you show, the less words you’ll have to use to convince them to give outdoor recreation a try. Posting them on your social media accounts will most likely effectively entice one or more friends. You might end up bringing along a companion on your next hike!

Embody the Benefits of Hiking

Photo taken at the Aletsch Glacier

Sometimes, the effects of trekking on your physical appearance and attitude can be enough to spark interest among your friends. If they see you getting fitter, stronger, and more toned (not to mention happier and more disciplined), they’re likely to ask to tag along on your next adventure without you having to convince them.

Keep Sending Invitations

Don’t let your friend or friends’ initial hesitation stop you from sending more invitations. At some point, they’re bound to soften to the idea of giving trekking a try, especially when they see you so enthusiastic and positive about it. Invitations to easy, scenic, budget-friendly hikes suitable for first timers also help convince them to tag along.

Once you’ve managed to get a friend hooked on hiking, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back! The feeling that comes after seeing a friend learn of the beauty of hiking and witnessing his or her improvement is incredible – it’s similar to having a child of your own or getting a special recognition for a job well done.

What’s even more beautiful is realizing you have taken an important role in one of the personal milestones in your friend’s life, which will no doubt strengthen your bonds. So, make 2017 the year of stronger friendships by getting a pal to go hiking!


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