Looking for more action after (or during) your hikes at the Swiss Alps this month and the coming summer? Here are some of the events you can schedule in time for your outdoor adventures at Switzerland’s famed alpine region.

Alpine Cattle Ascent

Cow culture is major in the country known for its cheese, milk, chocolate, and other dairy products. As such, the goings-on of its cattle are much celebrated. For example, at this time of the year, various areas in Switzerland make a festival out of the ascent of alpine cattle to viable grazing pastures.

People have picnics and watch battles and contests,” said one source of information about the “Inalpe” festival (June 3) at Grimentz. “The festival is extremely entertaining for people who have never attended before, and a joyous day for the owner of the cow named Queen at the end of the day!”

The cattle ascent typically happens anywhere from May to July at Almaufzug, Almauffahrt, Engstilgenalp, and Appenzell, as well as other locations.

Stairways to Heaven – Pipeline Vertical Race

Ever joined a fun race at the Swiss Alps? This time of the year is perfect for such an adventure! If it’s your first time, this 1.3-kilometer race on May 20 is a good choice. It begins at Piotta and through the Piora mountain station. You’ll tackle 261 steps on a 90% gradient – considered Europe’s steepest staircase. When the going gets tough, thank your stars the route is only a little over a kilometer. Only 100 slots are available.

Urbantrail des Singes

This is the first urban trail race in Switzerland and begins on May 28 at a vlllage along Lake Geneva’s shores, Lutry. “Singes,” which translates to monkeys, is actually the nickname given to the residents of the village.

This race includes 3 distances – 5, 10, and 20 kilometers – and takes participants through beautiful alpinescapes found along a UNESCO World Heritage site. That’s not the only interesting thing about the route – the terrain ranges from cobblestone paths to vineyard trails. This race is also a good family trip option as there are kids categories included – 1 and 2 kilometers.

Greenfield Festival

From June 8 to 10, the Interlaken airfield will be filled with thousands of revelers enjoying music from no less than 40 international artists playing rock, alternative, or punk music.

Trail de L’Absinthe

This magnificently scenic trail run, which happens on June 9 until June 10, takes you through the Val-de-Travers area of the Jura mountains, which on the French border of Switzerland. You can pick any of the 4 distances included in the race – 75, 42, 21, and 12 kilometers. Kids can also take part in this race via a variety of distances ranging from 300 meters to about 3 kilometers. If you want to participate as a group, there’s a 3-person relay category, with each runner taking on 14 kilometers.


Photo Credit: Niesenlauf.ch

Make your mark in the Swiss Alps by running on the longest staircase in the world, which leads to the top of Switzerland’s pyramid, the Niesen. This run, which happens on June 10, covers a total of 3.4 kilometers with a grade of 68%.

Aletsch Half Marathon

Ever tried racing at one of the most remarkable glaciers in Europe? You’ll have that opportunity this June 18. This trail race, which started in 1986, takes you “over a thousand meters, with views of several 4,000 meter peaks, and the stunning Aletsch glacier below the course.”

Fête de la Musique

This celebration of music spills over the streets of Lausanne for three days, starting on June 21 this year. A variety of musicians from all over the world showcase their music and performances in the many stages set up around the area. You have a wide selection of genres to choose from, ranging from rock to classical orchestra.

National Yodel Festival

If you’re into Swiss culture, you must check out the Eidgenössisches Jodelfest, which starts on June 22 until 25 at Brig-Gils this year. About 15,000 yodelers will take part in the yodeling competition, celebrating a very Swiss sound that reportedly originated in the Stone Age.

Burning Mountain Festival 2017

Photo Credit: Burning Mountain Festival

From June 29 to July 2, the village of Zernez in the Engadin Valley will be filled with music and artistic creations as hundreds of visitors, performers, and artists congregate at this festival.

Take your pick of these events and tell us of your experience!


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