Sometimes, when we find ourselves surrounded by unspoiled and untouched nature, we realize that the actual noise is in our heads. A clear, tranquil, though-free mind is a place where all our quests for self-knowledge begin.

As seen in Grindelwald
As seen in Grindelwald

That’s the reason why mountains are the perfect starting point for self-improvement and freeing the mind, while yoga combined with hiking and climbing is a perfect way to achieve it.

At first sight, dynamic activities related to mountaineering that require a core strength and an excellent shape, and yoga on the other side, might seem incompatible.

But, these two are not only compatible, they are also quite complementary. From each one you will benefit certain things. Surrounded by the astonishing beauty of mountains, the combination of yoga and hiking is a sure way to achieve an inner peace and raise your consciousness.

Bring yoga outdoors

When you practice yoga inside your home or studio, every day feels the same day. But, when you bring yoga outdoors and combine it with hiking or rock climbing every day is a unique experience.

The increased worldwide popularity of yoga and hiking retreats shows that nothing can compete with the feeling of practicing yoga in nature. These retreats and various yoga/hiking trips usually offer daily sessions combined with an active hiking and they all have the same aim – to bring yoga outside of houses and studios and to convince people to spend some more time outdoors.

Some of the best hikes in Switzerland include a yoga practice too, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t practice yoga on your own when trail hiking. Just find a suitable and an appealing spot during breaks and meditate.

Benefits of yoga combined with hiking and rock climbing

The synergy of yoga practice and trail hiking or rock climbing is actually a perfect way to combine active and reflective.

The balance and flexibility you gain through yoga practicing are useful attributes for mountaineering, hiking, and climbing. The ability to focus is one of the crucial things that yoga teaches you. Rock climbing is quite meditative activity and requires a great balance and flexibility. A clear and focused mind, calmness, balance – these all are the benefits of yoga that will improve your climbing performances.

When you hike or do a rock climbing, you use some muscles that usually remain inactive when you’re practicing yoga. Though you might have similar body positions from rock climbing and yoga, different muscles are active to achieve them. The combination of yoga and active hiking or rock climbing is a great way to active different groups of muscles and maintain your entire musculature in shape.

Both hiking and yoga improve your breathing and lung capacity. These activities will help you control your breathing better which will be helpful in your everyday activities.

Besides these, yoga is a perfect way to start your hike and to finish it too. Some pre-hike yoga exercises will increase your strength and help you maintain the balance while hiking along cliffs or hiking on a rough terrain. And after the long day of active hiking across beautiful mountain trails, some post-hike yoga poses will help you to heal any tight spots and eliminate tiredness. A nourishing way to end the day.

The silence of beautiful scenery

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – the saying of Albert Einstein.

As seen in Kandersteg
As seen in Kandersteg

When we approach nature and knowingly step into its paths, nature unfolds the path to ourselves and our self-consciousness. Sometimes just sitting and looking at magnificent and beautiful mountain settings can be some sort of meditation. And when you practice yoga in nature, you learn to grace nature more, as you improve and expand your yoga practice.

Just try to imagine the quiet solitude and the powerful beauty of Swiss Alps, for example. Isn’t it a perfect place to get in shape, explore the stunning hiking trails, deepen your yoga practice and expand your mind, all at the same time? So, don’t hesitate to try yoga in nature or improve your hiking and climbing skills through yoga practice on the ground. You won’t regret it.


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