Do you hike the Swiss Alps with a group? Then you know how it feels like to share your passion for nature and the outdoors!

That being said, don’t you also want to get to know these wonderful people a bit more? Considering you’re spending many hours or the entire day together huffing and puffing up an incline or icy trail, you might as well get to know your companions and discover that doing so helps enhance your hiking experience (not to mention strike up more opportunities to trek to other places in the future).

The following are some of a number of very easy activities you can do together during the breaks or hostel stopovers of your hike to foster that sense of camaraderie.

Ask Siri

Photo taken at Montricher to Mont Tendre

If anyone in the group has an Apple phone or a smartphone with a virtual voice-activated assistant, have fun with the application by asking questions that have crossed your mind during the hike. Or any other queston you’d like to ask, silly as it may sound. Heck, the sillier, the better! Take turns asking questions and enjoy the responses!

The Burning Question

Is there a question you’ve never been asked BUT you want to answer? Make this opportunity happen by making this question the focus of your group discussion! You can just ask it out of the blue during a lull in the conversation while having dinner together before your hike starts or after your group hike has ended. Look out for the surprising answers!

Social Media Post

If most of the hikers in the group are millennials, then this is the activity to do – read out your latest social media post aloud! If you don’t have social media, share what sort of post you’ll put up if you had one.

Ha Ha

If you think this is the stuff your younger self would enjoy, think again. There’s no harm in trying, and you’re not made to do corny or embarassing stuff, anyway. All you and your group need to do is agree on the first player and have him or her begin by saying “ha” once. It helps if all of you begin with a solemn and serious disposition – it amps the fun potential more!

Once the first player says “ha,” the next player beside him or her will say “ha” two times (that’s “ha ha”). Then the third player next to that second player will say “ha” three times. And so on and so forth.

Any player who laughs or makes a noise even if it’s not his or her turn yet will be out of the game. The winner will be the one who has been able to avoid laughing or making extra noises throughout the whole game. You can agree on a prize or reward before starting the game to boost the fun factor.

The Most Unusual Snapshot

No hiker is without any gadget that can take pictures. As such, why not issue a challenge on who can shoot the most unusual shot? Or maybe the funniest one? You can appoint judges (perhaps your hostel’s staff or caretaker or some other people outside your group, or you can just vote on the winning photo yourselves).

If you’re on a WeHike, the winning photo will have the privilege of being featured on this blog! **wink wink**

Would You Rather?

Photo taken at Montricher to Mont Tendre

These hypothetical questions can spark interesting thoughts and conversations – the kind you’ll want to recall even after the hike has ended. If you have a better idea for a dilemma, use that!

Would you rather…

  • Get bitten by a vampire or a radioactive spider?

  • Have a beautiful home and an ugly car or a bad-looking house and a snazzy car?

  • Get older from the neck up or from the neck down only?

  • Be invisible or know how to read minds?

  • Look into the world 100 years into the future or 100 years into the past?

  • Get up in the morning with a different face but the same gender or a different gender with the same face?

  • Get 1 wish granted today or 3 wishes granted in 10 years?

Have you tried any of these icebreakers? Tell us about it!


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