The natural beauty of Switzerland is depicted so many times, but yet it stays indescribable, especially when it comes to thousands of breathtaking lakes in Switzerland.

Switzerland is home to approximately 1500 lakes and this landlocked country has more than 1000 km of lake shores. Hundreds of amazing mountain lakes are hidden among glorious Alpine peaks, and they are often located in fantastic, isolated and incredible places. Most of them are accessible only by hiking.

Join us in our WeHikes and hike these stunning mountain lakes in the Swiss Alps.


A beautiful lake situated in the Bernese Oberland, just above Grindelwald. The lake is split into two parts by a natural dam. Beautiful Alpine peaks reflect on the mirror-like water, while the lake is surrounded by lovely meadows. The stunning and idyllic Alpine views from the shore of this gorgeous lake look just like a postcard, so why don’t you take Faulhorn to Männlichen or Grindelwald to Faulhorn hike and make some really great photos of this beautiful natural sights?

WeHikers at Bachalpsee


Hiking a glacier is an unforgettable experience. Aletsch arena, the part of UNESCO Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site, is full of magnificent hiking routes. Some of those routes include small mountain lake Märjelensee, a glacier lake formed in the 19th century. From the shores of this magnificent lake, you can admire the impressive Aletsch glacier.

The view of Märjelensee and Aletsch Glacier


Stellisee(2537m) is one of the most famous mountain lakes in Switzerland and the scenery of Matterhorn reflecting on the lake’s still surface is famous around the world. The lake is accessible from the mountain station Blauherd, but there are many beautiful hiking trails from Zermatt which will offer you great views of towering peaks and Zermatt valley. One of the most popular hiking trails is certainly 5 Lakes and Matterhorn which include other amazing mountain lakes Leisee (2232m), Grindjesee (2334m), and Grüensee (2300m), Schwarzsee (2,552 m) but Stellisee is probably the most spectacular among these lakes.

Stellisee Lake
Stellisee Lake and Matterhorn

Bretaye Lake

The Bretaye Lake (1780m) is located in the high Alpine pass above the town of Villars-sur-Ollon. The surroundings are truly magnificent and you can choose several trails to get to the Bretaye Lake. Trails are suitable for families since the lake is located near the village of Bretaye and a short walk will take you to this beautiful lake. But taking a more challenging trail which passes by the Bretaye is a great experience. And after long hikes, there is nothing more pleasant than refreshing in a crystal-clear mountain lake, and this lovely mountain lake is perfect for that!

Bretaye Lake
WeHikers refreshing at Bretaye Lake


Although this well-known Swiss Lake will not offer you the amazing and mystic feeling of isolation as the small mountain lakes mentioned above, it will enchant you with its captivating and idyllic views. The trail which leads to the lake is rather relaxing than demanding, and there’s even a cable car which leads to from Kandersteg to a location near the lake.

This glacier lake is located in 1,578 meters above sea level and will offer you magnificent views of high mountain peaks such as Bluemlisalphorn (3661m). Although the lake is fed by cold glacier water coming down from high, snowy peaks of Blüemlisalp, Oeschinenhorn, Fründenhorn, and Doldenhorn, the water in the lake warms up to 20 Celsius degrees in summer so you can enjoy swimming in the turquoise clear water. Besides its immense beauty, the surroundings of Oeschinensee are famous for rich flora and fauna. Here you can find the famous alpine flower Edelweiss.

Taken at Oeschinensee

Besides these mountain lakes, we suggest you take a hike to explore other mountain lakes in the Swiss Alps: Riffelsee, Mässersee and Geisspfadsee, Schwarzsee, Lac de Bayenna, Lac de Châteaupré and Lac des Autannes Leisee and Lac the Moiry, Grindjesee and GrüenseeLa Leman.


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