If you’re new to hiking and have no previous hiking experience, or you simply prefer easy walks, there are plenty of relaxing, undemanding trails in the Swiss Alps you could try. With moderate walking tempo, these relaxing hikes are the perfect way to enjoy idyllic alpine surroundings and catch some fresh mountain air.

Even if you’re an adventurous type of person, you won’t be disappointed if you pick an easy hike for a change.

And after all, there’s no better way of escaping annoying city jams and urban summer heats than heading to the mountains.

What is a T1 hike?

In the Swiss hiking difficulty scale, the easiest trails are marked with T1. These are mainly valley hikes with clearly visible path crossing through alpine meadows or mountain villages. It’s usually very easy to get oriented when you hike these trails and chances of getting lost are minimal.

T1 trails are safe, with minimal risk of falling. The terrain is mainly flat, with occasional inclines or slight slopes. Anyway, sometimes you can encounter steep sections or narrow paths, but these sections aren’t dangerous and they are very easily traversed.

What Are the Requirements for T1 Hike?

Almost none! You can take a T1 hike in your sports shoes. Of course, you can put on your trekking shoes if you want, but any sports shoes will work just fine.

You can pack yourself really light – a bottle of water, snacks, extra shirt in the case of sweating, and camera! That’s all you really need. In the case of rain and bad weather, you can easily find a shelter and protect yourself from the rain.

These hiking routes mostly don’t require any special orientation abilities and skills, and sometimes they can be even done without a map. Anyway, we always suggest carrying a map or following an experienced guide familiar with terrain and surroundings.

Considering all mentioned above, these relaxing hikes are suitable for everyone including kids and older people and are great starting point for newbie hikers.

La Barillette to La Dole
Taken at La Barillette to La Dôle

A Picturesque Scenery

If you pick a T1 trail, you will encounter cows and small mountain farms, and you’ll be crossing over wonderful and colorful meadows covered with astounding flowers and healing herbs.

You will sometimes walk through the pleasant shade of mountain forest, or you will be fording streams and mountain rivers.

Many T1 hikes include notable natural sights such as lakes or waterfalls so you can take a swim in pristine, refreshing mountain water while you enjoy the spectacular views of high alpine peaks surrounding you.

These pleasant walks through alpine valleys and meadows are excellent opportunity to see famous Swiss villages. These lovely and idyllic retreats look just like a postcard! There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with these ravishing scenes.

Taken at the lake of Oeschinensee

Pleasant Walks to Oeschinensee and La Dôle

You would like to take a relaxing hike in the Swiss Alps, but you just can’t decide which trail to choose?

Here are the perfect day hikes for you!

It takes about an hour to get from Kandersteg to the beautiful lake of Oeschinensee and about the same to reach La Dôle from La Barillette. These trails go mainly uphill, but they are not too difficult.

If you choose to visit the famous Oeschinensee Lake, be prepared for extremely beautiful natural sights! You’ll be hiking the famous Via Alpina trail, which crosses all the Alps from France to Austria. Before you finally reach the lake, you’ll be able to see the amazing Staubbach Waterfall. Take a rest or bite a snack in the restaurant right in front of the lake, while you’re watching turquoise-blue lake enclosed by snowy peaks.

A relaxing walk from La Barillette to La Dôle, a mountain of the Jura massif, will offer you amazing panoramic views of the canton of Vaud and peaks of the Jura mountains.







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