You are standing in the middle of the longest hanging bridge in the world. With each step that you and everyone else make, you can feel the unpleasant oscillations of the 8 tone cable structure. Your legs are shaking and the level of adrenaline rises up.

What’s more, the fog is so dense that you can’t see the end of the bridge and it seems like a road to nowhere. Luckily, the veil of white fog hides the view below you, but you still can’t trick your brain – you know that the bridge runs 85 meters (279 feet) above the ground at its highest point.

wehike europaweg matterhorn
The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge – the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world

After few minutes you’re finally on the other side of the bridge, proud of your small, but important accomplishment. There is something incredible and indescribable about crossing this suspension bridge – you feel frightened and brave at the same time.

You feel great.

Why Venturing Outside of Your Comfort Zone is Beneficial

Not only the crossing the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge – the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world, make us feel great despite the fact we’re breaking our comfort zone – the entire experience of hiking and walking the mountains deals with the pushing our own boundaries.

It is sometimes very hard to break our routine and our comfort zone. This zone is the private space in our minds where we feel safe and secure and we don’t deal with stress, anxiety, unpredictability. We feel very secure within our comfort zone that we tend to avoid trying new things just to stay within it.

But once we’ve escaped our comfort zone and beaten our fear we realize how making even the smallest push can improve our lives. Scientists and psychologists claim that the benefits of breaking out of your comfort zone are multiple – you will deal easier with unexpected changes in the future, you will broaden your experiences, skills, and knowledge, and you will be more creative and productive.

Pushing Your Own Boundaries Through Hiking

Certain sports activities, including hiking, offer you a ‘double escape from your comfort zone’ – mentally and physically.

Hiking and the connection we made with nature, with ourselves and other people, change our lives in so many ways. It teaches us important life lessons and makes us the best version of ourselves. Here are 3 great ways to smash your comfort zone through hiking!

Photo taken at the Chaux Ronde and Le Sépey

1. Winter hiking

Winter hiking may seem scary, or simply too demanding. But actually, winter hiking in the Swiss Alps is quite simple. With appropriate clothing and gear, trails in the Swiss Alps are hikeable even in the winter.

What’s more – if you choose an overnight hike, you don’t have to worry about low night temperatures. In the Swiss Alps, you don’t need a tent because mountain huts are literally everywhere.

So, after a strenuous hike, you will probably end up in a warm alpine hut that offers you basic accommodation.

Check out these tips for a great snowshoe experience.

2. Challenging and Demanding Hikes

You have plenty of kilometers of hiking trails behind you and you’re proud to say that you’re an experienced hiker now. But when you think of risky and exposed paths, you would rather stick to the good old T1 or T2 hike.

wehike europaweg matterhorn
Photo taken by Endre Bjørsvik at the Europaweg and Matterhorn WeHike 

Unfortunately, that means that many summits will remain out of your to-climb list. That also means that you’re limiting yourself from embracing new experiences. If you have an alpine experience and good hiking equipment, beat your fear and try a more challenging trail. You won’t regret it.

And who knows – maybe you’ll start moving towards more demanding hikes and, eventually, a T4 or perhaps a T5 hike will be as comfortable as home.

3. Glacier Walks

No matter how firm your steps are, glacier walks or paths that lead across a glacier can be a bit intimidating. The fact that you standing on a living, moving glacier is both exciting and uncomfortable.

But hiking a glacier is certainly one of the most unique hiking experience you can get, and, it’s not even a demanding. So, if you’re planning to hike the Swiss Alps, there’s no excuse for not walking across a glacier!

There are many hikes in the Swiss Alps that include a walk across glaciers and believe us, that will be your walk to remember for the rest of your life!



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